IBCA releases updated Indiana lists of 1,000-point career scorers

    The attached files are lists of Indiana high school basketball 1,000-point career scorers, as compiled by the Indiana Basketball Coaches Association. There are two lists attached, one for boys and one for girls. These lists are updated through the conclusion of the 2022-23 season.
    The IBCA boys’ list has players listed as far back as Don Shelton, a 1919 Crawfordsville graduate, with 1005 points.
    Other early members of the boys’ 1,000-Point Club include Roy Burris (Washington 1921) with 1,124 points; Fuzzy Vandivier (Franklin Community 1922) with 1,597 points; Lloyd Wampler (Vincennes Lincoln 1922) with 1,205 points; Clement Crowe (Lafayette Jeff 1922) with 1,048 points; Bernie Devol (Lebanon 1923) with 1,167 points; Wilbur Cummins (Frankfort 1925) with 1,140 points; Karl “Knobby” Dickerson (Crawfordsville 1925) with 1,020 points; Vic Gibbens (Clay City 1926) with 1,500 points; Matt Joris (Muncie Central 1927) with 1,077 points; Elton Christensen (San Pierre 1927) with 1,031 points; and Lloyd Williams (Goshen 1929) with 1,174 points.
    The girls’ list contains three 1976 graduates as the inaugural members — Rochelle “Shelly” Newell of Rochester (1,250 points), Judi Warren of Warsaw (1,232 points) and Pam Jones of Scottsburg (1,095 points). Other early members of the girls’ list include seven 1977 graduates — Jennifer Voreis of North Judson (1,247 points), Teri Rosinski of Norwell (1,210 points), Dru Cox of Plainfield (1,175 points), Sharon Schreyer of Lewis Cass (1,163 points), Cindy Piet of Scottsburg (1,135 points), Melinda Miles of Bloomfield (1,045 points), Rhonda Martin of Southwood (1,028 points) and Janice McCracken of Vincennes Lincoln (1,012 points).
    There also are nine 1978 graduates in Rita Foster of Jac-Cen-Del (1,555 points), Sheri Carmichael of Bloomfield (1,478 points), Janet Muston of Plainfield (1,358 points), Cathy Welch of Tippecanoe Valley (1,248 points), Liz Skinner of Mt. Vernon-Fortville (1,217 points), Carol Blauvelt of Heritage (1,183 points), Chanda Kline of Warsaw (1,113 points), Cindy Hines of Lake Central (1,078 points) and Cindy Beesley of Western Boone (1,059 points).
    The total boys’ list currently contains 3,864 players, about 500 more players than the list released in October 2022 after IBCA officials contacted every school in the state between November 2022 and April 2023 in an effort to update and verify the list. The current girls’ list contains 2,253 players, about 70 more names than the list released in October 2022.
    Players listed in black type have completed their high school careers. Players listed in red type are players who are active in the 2023-24 season and will add to their totals. There are a number of active players at the bottom of each list with fewer than 1,000 points. These players — and others, as that portion is not a comprehensive list — enter the 2023-24 season with a chance to reach 1,000 points.
    If a player played at more than one high school, the first school listed is the last school at which the player played. On the boys’ list, for players from schools that no longer exist, a school name in parenthesis generally is the current school into which the closed school was consolidated. An example of this is: “Marion Pierce, Lewisville (Tri).”
    The IBCA began compiling a boys’ list of 1,000-point scorers at the end of the 1979-80 season. Junior Mannies started an Indiana high school record book at that time, and his initial list of 1,000-point scorers included 357 players. Mannies compiled the list for two more years until passing away in 1983. Gene Milner took over the compilation of the boys’ 1,000-point scorers list in 1982-83. Milner, currently the IBCA’s annual record book editor and website coordinator, has overseen the boys’ 1,000-Point Club listing for the past 41 years.
    The IBCA decided to compile a statewide girls’ list of 1,000-point scorers in January 2022 when there was an inquiry for both boys’ and girls’ lists, and no such list was available for girls.
    Literally hundreds of people have assisted in the compilation of both lists. Many thanks to all coaches, former coaches, athletic administrators, media members and various school, conference and county historians who have assisted in this effort.
    As much effort as we have put in, IBCA officials realize that both lists are incomplete. Also, both lists have some players where an exact total for some players may need to be clarified. Still, these are the best, most complete lists we have at this time. These lists will be updated as appropriate, if corrections from past seasons are found. The lists, of course, will be updated at least one time annually at the end of each season with the new players who reach the 1,000-point milestone in the given season.
    If anyone has information that can help us correct, update or add information for anyone, please email information to Pat McKee at patmckee77@aol.com.
    The IBCA is releasing these lists again this year so each list may be used a resource by the Indiana High School Athletic Association, the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, the Indiana High School Basketball Historical Society, media members from across the state, all IHSAA-member schools and conference, county or other groups that may be interested in them.

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