“And the Pigskin Said” August 20, 2021

“And the Pigskin Said” tm

It’s that time of the year once again, and yes, I’m speaking of the High School football season.

And yes, once again, Covid 19 will play a part in it. Though this time it is a variant called Delta.

Many schools throughout not only Indiana, but also surrounding states will or have called a halt to the opening games due to the concern it causes.

Many states and different local communities have issued mask mandates to attend those games and others have outright opted not to play, due to precaution  and some school corporations are playing the games.

Those who do play and to those spectators who attend will consider the risks and take appropriate precautions to mitigate any potential break outs.

Excel H Sports and the IFCA Pre-Season polls are both on line at: www.excelhsports.com and to view them please scroll down the homepage.

So the Pigskin will be back soon with another chapter. Best luck to all the teams, coaches and school personnel and STAY SAFE!

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