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I am writing to introduce you to my business, Excel High School Sports, though we

do more than just high school sports!


We also are Today’s morning sports page on the world wide web!


My name is Steven Stremming, I have owned and operated this business for over

40 years.


I am offering you and your business an opportunity to join forces with us

and showcase your business to a broad spectrum of potential customers.


Though we are at the end of the month of January, 2021, my site, has again recorded

more than 85,000 viewership for the month.

To help you in your decision I am providing you and your business my viewership

numbers from 2020.


Our website numbers are verified through a neutral third party.

January 2020 = 54,743 avg. 1766 per day

February 2020 = 51,041 avg. 1760 per day

March 2020 = 51,973 avg. 1,677 per day

April 2020 =47,792 avg. 1.626 per day

May 2020 =48,356 avg. 1,560 per day

June 2020 =42,748 avg. 1,379 per day

July 2020 =49,126 avg. 1,584 per day

August 2020 =55,686 avg. 1,796 per day

September 2020=50,250 avg. 1,675 per day

October 2020=60,296 avg. 1,945 per day

November 2020=62,215 avg.2,074 per day

December 2020=86,290 avg. 2,783 per day

Total So Far = 660,516 avg. 55,043 per month

As you can see our numbers have been solid and are growing!

Our shows consists of The Slant, Musings Of A Hoopster, Shootin’ The Stars, Excel H

Sports Youtube channel as well as, Indiana Sports Network.

The cost of advertising is relatively small in this day and age, but I know it is fair.

The cost of a MP4 Video per month is ONLY $200.00


We also have available print ads. Contact me at:


Steven Stremming

Excel H Sports



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