Terre Haute Sharp-Shooters Professional Basketball Team excels in 1st Exhibition Game

Terre Haute Sharp-Shooters Professional Basketball Team excels in 1st Exhibition Game


The Terre Haute Sharp-Shooters showcased their skills in their first Exhibition Game of the season on January 24 at the Terre Haute Boys & Girls Club.  It was an inter-squad game, which involved the most elite basketball players in Vigo County.  The game had a final score of 119-120, with either team never leading by more than four points throughout the entire game.  With 4.7 seconds remaining in the game, veteran basketball player and Indiana State University star Harry Marshall caught the inbound pass at the top of the key.  With superb basketball IQ, he used a fundamental head-fake which caused to players to miscue on defense and he swooshed a 3-pointer right as the final buzzer went off!  The fans in the Boys & Girls Club went crazy along with players!  The Sharp-Shooters couldn’t have scripted a more exciting ending for their first ever Professional Basketball game in Terre Haute.  Maybe even more impressive than the magnificent finish was Steven Davis’ performance throughout the game.  Davis finished with (39) points, (9) 3-pointers and both he and Harry Marshall received the games Co-MVP Award.  Other notable players included Northview graduate Cade Bryan and DJ Shouse of Terre Haute South.

The long-time rivalry of Terre Haute North High School and Terre Haute South High School will join forces in the 2021 Hoosier Hardwood season when the Terre Haute Sharp-Shooters select the top players from each school, along with North Central High School in Farmersburg and Northview High School in Brazil.  While the Sharp-Shooters will ultimately select only (12) of the top athletes to represent their 2021 team, they will begin their Exhibition Season with (20) players.  The players who have been selected to participate in the 2021 Exhibition Season include local Indiana State standout – Harry Marshall 6’0 Point Guard of Owen Valley High School, Indiana State and veteran Overseas Professional; Kalen Alexander 6’4 Small Forward of Terre Haute North and Indiana State; Steven Davis 6’3 Shooting Guard of Terre Haute North and Missouri St-Louis University; DJ Shouse 6’0 Point Guard Terre Haute South and St Francis University; Aaron Bellgraph 6’5 PF of North Central High School in Farmersburg; Cade Bryan 6’4 SF of Northview High School; DaShon Heyen 6’2 of Terre Haute South High School; Braelyne Compton 6’2 of Terre Haute North High School; Dylan Nussel 6’0 of Northview High School; Jarrett Combs 6’3 of Northview High School; Jared Guidry 6’2 of Northview High School; Brandon Pitts 6’4 of Terre Haute; Dai’Von Oliver 6’1 of Terre Haute; Braden Edington 6’1 of Northview High School; Jalen Owens 6’1 of Terre Haute North; Anthony Gill 6’0 of Terre Haute South and Dilan Farris 6’1 of Northview High School.  These gentlemen will compete together proudly to bring the 2021 Hoosier Hardwood Championship to Terre Haute.

Co-MVP and experienced Professional player, Harry Marshall was named as the General Manager (GM) of the Terre Haute Sharp-Shooters.  Harry’s experience as a player and expertise with the business side of basketball made him the perfect fit for the position.  President of the Hoosier Hardwood Basketball Association Bob Petty states, “Kent Benson and I had a long conversation with Harry over the phone and afterwards, we both knew he was the person we wanted leading our Terre Haute team as the GM.  His personal dedication and desire of walking on the Indiana State basketball team impressed us both, showing how much he’s willing to do to achieve his personal goals.  His walk on story at Indiana State combined with his knowledge and experience of the business side of basketball, made him the obvious choice for us as our GM.”  League President Bob Petty also mentioned how impressed he’s been with the leadership of Steven Davis, Aaron Bellgraph and Cade Bryan helping put together the Exhibition team.

Indiana Basketball Legend Kent Benson, former #1 NBA Draft Pick and 1976 NCAA Champion at Indiana University, hosted their last try-out combine in New Castle to sign players in the Hoosier Hardwood Basketball Association on January 3.  Benson is the Chairman and Co-Founder of the Professional Basketball League.  The Hoosier Hardwood is signing players to Professional Basketball contracts with a compensation package ranging from $500 per month – $2,500 per month, based upon experience and skill-level.

With almost 40 players in attendance at the January 3 combine in New Castle, all of whom are vying for one of 32 positions, the Hoosier Hardwood staff selected the three most dominant players to receive cash on the spot at the final combine.  Joseph English of Indianapolis and Missouri St-Louis University was selected as the #1 player earning $500 cash, while Kellen Dunham of Pendleton and Butler University earned $250 cash and Aaron Larson of Chicago and Olivet University earned $100 cash.  The Hoosier Hardwood has a few unique ways to compensate players including the Cash Draft to the top three players, their Bonus Compensation Structure and their Jersey Deal.  Indiana Basketball Legend Kent Benson says, “we are excited for the unique opportunity of fans being able to purchase our player’s jerseys.  As a Professional Basketball League – we want to help our players generate a nice income, both with basketball and through our Jersey Deal.  Fans can purchase their favorite players jersey – just like in the NBA. Our player’s love that fans can purchase their jerseys and they receive a nice percentage back in their pockets.  Plus, who wouldn’t want to play in a packed gym full of fans wearing your jersey!”

The four teams participating in the Hoosier Hardwood in the 2021 season include the Pendleton Legends, Terre Haute Sharp-Shooters, Bedford TimberJacks and the New Castle NightHawks.  The Hoosier Hardwood Professional Basketball League includes (5) former NBA G-League players, (21) NCAA Division 1 players and (11) Indiana All-Stars with Kellen Dunham 6’6 Shooting Guard of Pendleton Heights High School, Butler University and NBA G-League; Asauhn Tatum 7’0 Center of Anderson Highland High School, Auburn University and NBA G-League; Troy Taylor of Anderson High School, Evansville University and Overseas as well as numerous other Indiana Basketball stand-outs.

The Hoosier Hardwood will be adding a minimum of four new teams in 2022.  Benson indicated that several potential owners have contacted them about bringing a Professional Basketball Team to their Indiana city including Richmond, Marion, Evansville, Jeffersonville, Layafette, Fort Wayne, Columbus, Bloomington and several others.  Benson states, “We are being very selective on our Team Owners.  It’s more to us than just having an owner write a check, we want an owner with the same passion to help players reach the next level as we do and be involved in providing a fun, family friendly basketball experience for their Community.”  Benson says they are still looking for the right owner for their Terre Haute Sharp-Shooters team.  Benson shares these words to anyone interested in becoming the Terre Haute Owner or ownership group, “If you love sports, love your Community and want to develop something special and unique for your Community of fans, we are interested in speaking with you.  Contact me personally at kentbensoniu54@gmail.com.”

The Sharp-Shooters are scheduled to play their second Exhibition game this Sunday night January 31 @ 7pm at the Terre Huate Boys & Girls Club.  The game will include a Slam Dunk contest in pre-game, a 3-Point Contest at half-time and an Autograph Session after the game.  The Slam Dunk competition and Pre-Game experiences begin @ 6:30pm.  To purchase Tickets, go online @ www.MVPresults.com/THSS  Tickets are $10 per person, which includes watching both the Dunk Contest and 3-Point Competition.  Terre Haute Sharp-Shooters apparel is also available online @ www.MVPresults.com/THSS   Come support our local Professional Basketball Team – the Terre Haute Sharp-Shooters!

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